Angelo's Rules for Lottery Pools

These rules apply for both Powerball and Mega Millions.

1. It's $10 to buy into the pool. Tickets are $2 each, so I will purchase 5 tickets with your money.  By sending me money, you agree to all of these rules.

2. You can buy in at multiples of $10.  Each $10 will count as one share.  Make sure you send me your email address so I can send you confirmation.

3. Deadline to purchase tickets is 6 PM the day of the drawing, unless I say it is sooner.  I will not accept money to play after the deadline.  If you send me money after the deadline, I will not purchase you tickets and will return the money as soon as is convenient for me, which may be after the drawing.

4. I will purchase the tickets, photograph them, and send them to all of the players ahead of the drawing, along with a list of names of all of the players.  You don't need to receive the email to be confirmed to play, but it serves as a receipt should we win.

5. Your play is confirmed when I email you the list of players and photograph of the tickets.  If you send me money, and are not on the list of players, you are not part of the pool.  Make sure your name is on the list, and we can make corrections.  The correction is only confirmed after I send an updated list of players.  

6. The name on the list of players is the winner, not the person who gave me money.  For example, sometimes people will give me money for their spouse, or they will have a friend who I don't know play the pool.  The person who gives me the money is responsible for telling me what name to put on the list of players.  If your name is not on the list of players, you are not a part of the pool.

6. If we win the grand prize, we will take the lump sum payment and split it based on the total number of shares.  If a player has multiple shares, for example, if someone bought in for $30, they would get 3 shares -- thus 3x the winnings as someone who bought in for $10.

7. If we win lesser prizes (we almost ways do), and nobody wins the grand prize, we will roll those winnings into tickets for the next drawing.  You don't need to give me more money to be in the pool for this second chance drawing.  I will send a photograph of the tickets ahead of the next drawing.  The list of names will be the same.  You cannot opt out of this.  For example, you cannot ask to have $10 given back to you in exchange for being taken out of this pool

8. If nobody wins the grand prize, I will organize a new pool in addition to the second chance pool.  This pool will be separate from the first, and usually has a new list of names.  I will repeat this process until somebody wins the grand prize.

9. If we win lesser prizes, and somebody wins the grand prize, we will pay Angelo back for any ATM or transportation fees he had to pay.  If there is money left after that (there usually is), Angelo will take the money to the MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino and make a place bet on the 9 at the craps table.  If the number hits, Angelo will then take the winnings to the blackjack table and play two hands.  If he wins both hands, and the amount is over $5,000, Angelo will distribute the money to the players according to the number of shares they played.  But if the amount is under $5,000, Angelo will take the winnings and make 4 equal bets at the roulette table on the 0, 5, 10, and 26.  If one of those numbers wins, Angelo will distribute the money to the players according to the number of shares they played, and the chances of this happening are actually about 10 million times better than winning the lottery.


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