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America the Beautiful for All Coalition Ocean Policy Agenda

America the Beautiful for All Coalition members in Washington, DC  The America the Beautiful For All Coalition comprises people representing hundreds of organizations, missions, cultures, and identities. The Coalition developed the 2024 Policy Agenda to achieve the most ambitious conservation goal of the century,  conserving 30 percent of lands and waters by 2030 .   You can download the full  2024 American the Beautiful for All Coalition policy agenda  on their website. I lead the ocean work group, and share our ocean policy agenda items below: Ocean Justice for Coastal and Island Communities Important progress was made for the ocean in 2023. The administration developed the first ever Ocean Climate Action Plan, which sets three goals to (1) create a carbon neutral future, (2) accelerate solutions that tap natural coastal and ocean systems to absorb greenhouse gases, and (3) enhance community resilience to ocean change. The administration also launched the Ocean Justice Strategy, wh