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Angelo's Rules for Lottery Pools

These rules apply for both Powerball and Mega Millions. 1. It's $10 to buy into the pool. Tickets are $2 each, so I will purchase 5 tickets with your money.  By sending me money, you agree to all of these rules. 2. You can buy in at multiples of $10.  Each $10 will count as one share.  Make sure you send me your email address so I can send you confirmation. 3. Deadline to purchase tickets is 6 PM the day of the drawing, unless I say it is sooner.  I will not accept money to play after the deadline.  If you send me money after the deadline, I will not purchase you tickets and will return the money as soon as is convenient for me, which may be after the drawing. 4. I will purchase the tickets, photograph them, and send them to all of the players ahead of the drawing, along with a list of names of all of the players.  You don't need to receive the email to be confirmed to play, but it serves as a receipt should we win. 5. Your play is confirmed when I email you the list of players