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DM Villagomez Translation of Chief Hurao's Speech

First paragraph of DM Villagomez's book on Chamorro culture during the Spanish occupation of Guam. In 1977, my mother, DM Villagomez, traveled to Guam and was the first person to translate Spanish documents held by the Micronesia Area Research Center (MARC) at the University of Guam into English.  The documents had been collected in Spain the previous year by MARC staff, but were, according to Mom, "sitting, unused, in the stacks, for want of someone with a knowledge of Spanish to read it." She worked with Dr. Paul Carano and Sister Felicia Plaza to identify the documents she needed and wrote a book on Chamorro history and culture during the Spanish occupation of Guam (I'm pretty sure I have the only surviving copy). Mom's book included the first English translation of a speech given by Chief Hurao in 1670, a famous Chamorro leader.  Other scholars have published subsequent translations , but not a lot of people have seen the first one.  Here it is: It would have