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2021 Capitol Hill Ocean Week Remarks

After talking about near shore, smaller protected areas off the West Coast, I will take you further west into the Pacific ocean, home of the largest offshore marine protected areas on the planet. Hello everyone, My name is Angelo Villagomez, I am a Native Pacific Islander, descended from voyagers, raised within a culture whose existence is dependent on the bounty of the ocean, but trained in the scientific method of Western scientists. If you are tweeting this conference, please use the hashtag CHOW 2021, and we have one just for our session: hashtag Diverse Ocean. You can tag me with At Tao Tao Tasi if you have any questions or comments, and I will follow up with you afterwards The Pacific Islands seem isolated and distant to many people across the world. But from the perspective of my people, the Chamorro people, the Native inhabitants of the Mariana Islands, the Pacific Ocean isn’t the middle of nowhere. It is the center of everything and it connects us all. I am here to